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Oh, Christmas Tree

So, I have this little habit of collecting junk jewelry. I buy cheap jewelry and love the bling. Too, I get junk jewelry donations from friends and family. They bring the bling! I find colorful jewelry everywhere!  It's so easy to find things cheap because I shop thrift stores, rummage sales, etc. In fact, I once bought bulk jewelry for under $40 and found a couple of pieces in it that looked like real gold. Upon taking those six pieces to a pawn shop, I found that two of the four pieces were and made $40 on those pieces! Yes, I made a profit from junk. So cool. All of my bling is separated by color/style. This makes it a more simple process when creating the tree. Color families seem to work better aesthetically in my opinion.
The bling tree is one of my favorite things to make. Click here to see my process. Nothing better than hot glue and a cheap frame. Sometimes I paint the insert in the frame and other times I cover it with fabric. Flat black is my favorite spray paint to use on the background.
The idea of the bling tree came from a friend whose relative made them for gifts. My friend showcased them her at her yoga studio, and I scooped on up, including the idea! How cool! 

Oh, Candle Sticks!

My dad helped me to make candlesticks for our school program out of PVC pipe. Below is the before and after! Isn't he the best! I used white contact paper from Ollie's to cover the pipe. For the base, I used old flower pots and greenery from an old, artificial Christmas tree. The ornaments are also from old decorations. I hit the motherload of luck with solar, light-up wicks from the Dollar Tree. Score! Score! Score!
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