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Gonna Sauna

Everyone in my household knows where I am going when I yell out, "Gonna Sauna!" It's something I do often. 
The benefits of sauna use have been proven and are wonderful for so many reasons! According to Men's Health, saunas are best used AFTER a workout:
             Packed with physical and mental benefits, a sauna routine can be amazing. And sauna—
             which can be used as both a noun and a verb—doesn't just feel good. It offers benefits to
             your skin, body, and mood. but I have to admit. There are times when I use the sauna IN
             PLACE of a workout. 
The article goes on to list the following benefits and is a quick read if you're interested. I have to admit though, sometimes I use the sauna in PLACE of my workout. Why? Because it gives me that mental checkmark I need to not beat myself for not working out. Plus, it burns calories, raises my heartbeat, detoxifies my body, cleanses my pores and just makes me feel better mentally and physically.
Our sauna is built for two but is not used that way. It measures 48" x 39" and is 75" high.  Using the sauna alone makes for a spacious experience.  It has two cupholders, and I use one of those to hold my phone to watch Netflix or listen to music. I have an adjustable stand that's used for cars that holds my phone steadily. It has hooks for towels or clothing and comes with a seven-year manufacturer warranty. Assembly is NOT difficult as it comes with pieces that lock together. This is a two person job but is not a difficult task at all.
A lot of gyms offer saunas and home saunas have become more popular. When we built our home, we didn't even consider a sauna and really didn't have the space once we decided to get one. So, we purchases a small, two person sauna for our basement/workout room. This decision was one that I will NEVER regret! 
There are risks to saunas, and you should be well-informed if you have any condition that might make a sauna a no-go for you you. Overuse of saunas can also cause more problems that it helps. Dehydration is one risk, and you should ALWAYS drink enough water to sustain sauna use. 


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