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Cool Picture Rain Effect

Make it Rain!

I love this picture and the strong girl who gave me the honor of taking it! 
People often ask me how in the world I created this picture that is a permanent fixture on my main site. They want to know if it was photoshopped. It was not Photoshopped. In fact, I barely enhanced it in Lightroom. It came out of camera close to how it looks here.
So, how did I do it? Well, it only took a a water hose, a pick and a curtain to make this picture.I jabbed a bunch of holes into a cheap water hose and wrapped a curtain shear around it. I hung that hose with hooks I already had, looping and twisting it while doing so. 
To keep my clients safe, when I use the hose, I ONLY use battery powered lights. I even shut off the breaker in my basement studio for safety. 
Poor Emma did this photo with temperatures in the low fifties. Like a stated before, she is STRONG!
Thanks, Emma, for letting me capture this picture and making it a cornerstone to my site.

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