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The FASTEST way for me to get motivated to work out is to listen to music! It makes me want to move instantly. 
I pay for a YouTube Premium subscription because it allows me to quickly find other playlists and add new music to mine. My playlist is CRAZY, but it works for me. My number one go to workout song is "Going the Distance" from Rocky I. When I hear it, I picture bloody Rocky Balboa begging Apollo Creed for more, and it makes me want to push to go harder. 
I'm in no way the shape I used to be, but I do still work out. Music helps me so much!
The other motivating factor to my playlist is that it has slow songs to make me vary my workout. I have learned that it's not all about high impact aerobic activity! I love to do yoga, lift light weights and stretch during my slow songs.
Don't listen to my playlist - you will probably hate it, and it's always changing. But do find your own music and use those jams to make you move! It doesn't matter what music app you use, just that you find those songs that speak to you.
Dance EVERYWHERE! My mom used to dance with her headset on while she cleaned the house. Of course, her headset was NOTHING like the ones we have now. Hers were huge and connected to a Walkman. She swore that she was thinnest when she "boogied." That's what she called it anyway. Let's boogie! :)

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