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NOT Free Gee


My Gear - What's in my bag? Click HERE.

Kim's Gear - What's in Kim's bag? Click HERE. - Easy interface to create a website with tons of tutorial videos on YouTube.

Zenfolio - My photography host page for my photos where clients can view and purchase pictures.

Canva - OMG, CANVA! is the BEST place for marketing tools. User friendly with tons of tutorials, Canva kinda ROCKS!

Portrait Pro is a program I use for quick editing of portraits. It's fantastic in its face recognition and slide editing style. Each upgrade is an improvement and money well spent. 

Bubbles - you read that right, BUBBLES! It's a GREAT way to entertain and photograph children. Let the kids have them at the end of the shoot. :)

Blower - you read that right too! A BLOWER. Here's mine. It's cordless and is lightweight. I use it on brides, seniors, anyone I want to give that wind-blown look. 

Kate's Backdrops - OMG! The yearbook advisor at our school purchased one of these, and I fell in love. They are a lifesaver for easy travel and offer a studio setting on the go. These drops fold down to nothing and have a smooth, nonreflective material. Read my blog post about how KBD saved the day once. Shew! THANK YOU, KATE!

Photo Mechanic -  Photo Mechanic by Camerabits is a great way to quickly cull photos. The view/move/delete features are great for quick turnaround. I couldn't live without PM.

Little Light I Love - The Aputure Amaran MC RGBWW Mini On Camera Video Light is one of my favorite purchases. I need more of these, and there's a kit that houses four I want, but this little guy is pretty cool. Lightweight and magnetic, it's perfect for weddings. 

White Reflective Flooring - You know the shiny, 4' x 8' beadboard, wainscot wall panels at Lowe's? That's what I use for flooring to achieve that high-key, reflective look. Check out this picture! With a little Photoshop magic, this picture turned out awesome! Thanks, Viv!


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