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I'm Still Standing

I know you just sang that too, but it's true. I can stand it, and you can too. (That rhymed!)
Standing rocks! In fact, standing has been shown to cause longevity, and who doesn't want to live longer? There are so many benefits to standing. The number one gain for me is that standing is good for weight loss. Yes, standing burns more calories than sitting. This may seem obvious, but we miss this one. I know I did when I was editing for hours and hours. My brother, who works in the health field, was the one who turned me on to standing. Standing does so much for us! We can lower our blood sugar, fight off heart disease, reduce back pain, improve mood and energy levels and produce productivity. 
There are several kinds of standing desks and VariDesk is a product that sits on top of a desk to offer a standing work situation. I do not have these but have makeshift standing desks at work and at home. These were a cheap alternative to these types of desks. If you try one and like them, let me know!
So, stand up for yourself! If you need help doing so with a standing desk, try this! It was a great little asset to my home office and allowed me to edit without feeling so sedentary. You won't be sorry!

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