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Thanks, Kate & Mary

It was a dark, rainy night! It really was. The bride was beautiful, but we were running late. You know that story; things happen. Life happens.
Well, thankfully, the bride was chill! So chill! Thanks, Mary! And I had Kate. Thanks, Kate!
I love outdoor photos! I love landscapes for backdrops! But sometimes mother nature has other plans. This wedding would be shot almost entirely inside. Cue tears from me.

I had Kate though! She came with me to this wedding in the form of a backdrop folded up neatly to nothing in my gear. I had borrowed her from a coworker just in case, and guess what - Kate saved the day! THANK YOU, KATE! And THANK YOU, MARY! I mean, look at these pics! Wow! Just WOW!


My Favorite Kate's 



KPB come in lots of styles, textures and colors. The pop-up, collapsible drops are my favorite for on-the-go photography. I have a studio but shoot a lot outdoors. The black and white I have found that I don't use as much as the others, but the white can be used as a HUGE reflector. I use this drop more in that way than in any other way. 
Each of these drops have Velcro loops for easy hanging. You can purchase a stand, but I have not at this point. These easily will prop against a wall, and I have found Commando hooks a great way to secure them in place. They measure 5' across by 6.5 feet height and are large enough for portraits. You can turn them sideways for larger groups. 
Let me know if you order them and how you like them!


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