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Weight Loss Secret Hacks

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I have yo-yo dieted for years. Through the big and the bad, I have learned a lot. Yes, I've had some nips and tucks here and there, and I am honest with my process. I work out most days, and I try to pay attention to what I eat.  However, I have found some really cool ways to shed the pounds the lazy way. The ONE thing I have learned is that substitution is the key for weight loss. Too, everyone knows that lifetime changes are key to making those lasting results. Drink water, move more - we know; we know! 

What follows are the EASY things I have done that have helped ME! I hope they help you too! :)


​Hot in! So hot in HERE!

(I KNOW you just sang that!) 

One of the best decisions of my life was to add a sauna to our home.



Stand in the place where you are! 

(I KNOW you just sang that!)

Stand up for yourself!

Cool Headset

Music makes you lose control!

(I KNOW you just sang that!)

My jams motivate me to move.


It's just a good vibration; it's just the SWEETEST sensation.

(I KNOW you just sang that!

You will love THIS! 

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I eat a lot of pickles.

It curbs salt cravings and fills me up quickly. No bib blog post needed. Find your pickles.



I purchase all of my collagen from Modere.

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