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Show Some Class

I love my classroom. My students love it too! It's a comforting oasis with an ocean mural on one wall and a large keyboard on the other. The ocean mural did take a lot of time but was so worth it! The keyboard is made up of sandwich cartons with glitter lettering. It looks very similar to our keyboards we use in class, and I use it often as a teaching tool. There is also a large mouse painted on the front wall of my room that helps me point out the left and right button of the mouse as well as the scroll button.
I have an AWESOME set of emoji pillows I have purchased from Amazon, rummage sales and thrift shops. My school sports/activity props have been donated or purchased and make a great addition to my cabinets. The furniture finds have been a wonderful way to offer versatile seating for my kiddos. 
Welcome to our class! Thanks for visiting!


Our Online Class

Untitled design (6).png
Untitled design (5).png

My computer class website is our virtual online home. The site is divided by grade and is used daily by my students. It offers mostly free resources and has been used by other districts as well. Feel free to visit my class site and connect with me there. 

"Dje eat all dose?"

The number one question I am asked about my room is did I eat all of the sandwiches to leave me with enough boxes to make me large keyboard. The answer is no, but the second most asked question is how did I make it. Well, the obvious answer is sandwich cartons and glitter lettering. It would be nice to let you know that I recycled actual containers to make this monstrous display, but I did not. I purchased them online. I ended up having extra and donated them to our school kitchen. The lettering was easy to find at Dollar General, and I was able to cut out or paint the keys that I couldn't find. 
I painted the large keyboard first and then added the boxes next. The board itself looks three dimensional because of the shading on the left and bottom. The LED lights came from Amazon, and the cord was easy to hide inside the keys. The remote allows me to change the color, but we mostly keep it set on turquoise to go with the class ocean theme. 


Emojis and Lamps


My emojis came from all over. Kids have even donated to my stash. How sweet is that!
I have everything from basketballs to unicorns. My kids love them! They're a fun, decorative addition to my room. :)

The small turquoise lamps are another accent I love because they match our theme. They give off just enough light to not be a distraction. There are four placed on the counters around the room. These lamps take 40W E12 candelabra 'base', 'type' B bulbs. I prefer the ones that cast a yellow tone rather than the blue. I found the bulbs at Walmart.

Everybody Read

Books surround my room. Nonfiction books are on the left side, while fiction is offered on my front bookshelf and right side. Who Was/Is series are my favorites. I have several that I have found at rummage sales, and a teacher friend donated several to my cause. They're great for high interest, nonfiction books. The illustrations are fantastic, and the text is engaging. I highly recommend these books for any student library.
I also have a book, When I Knew Bigfoot, that was written and illustrated by two coworkers on my shelf. How cool is that! My sister-in-law is also a writer and her five top-selling books are wonderful!


Written by Bethanie Corn
Illustrated by Anna Higgins


Big, Purple Chair

My Sister-in-Law's Books


All of my SIL's books are about her family and are so touching and true. You will love ALL of them! I know I do!

My Books

My books are available for free view only for my students but are available for the public now on 

Blue Illustrated Me and The Moon Children Book Cover (1).png
Copy of Blue Illustrated Me and The Moon Children Book Cover.png
My Momma was an Artist - Image Ideas.jpg

My big purple chair is the best seat in the house. I have five purple padded chairs with wheels and two desk chairs. Also, there's a huge couch in my room. Diamond Furniture Restoration in Russell, Kentucky has the most unique furniture I have ever seen. They can do ANYTHING to furniture and make any space AWESOME! 

Cool Containers

I love my cheap marker holders made from pecan and mixed nut containers. I cleaned each and saved as we finished off a can and covered them with marble style contact paper from Dollar General. Aren't they GREAT! I've learned that the more organized my supplies are, the longer the last because students take better care in returning them to their correct place. 
To make these, I simply removed the outside cover and covered them with the contact paper. I used my nail to score the top and bottom and finished the cut with a wallpaper knife. SUPER INEXPENSIVE!

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