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Hello, Sunshine!

My momma called me Sunshine. I don't know where she got the name or why she chose it for me, but it always sounded so endearing coming from her. I always felt like a hero the way she talked to me. My mother made me feel like I could do anything! She complimented me all the time and just made my heart warm. 
Sunshine is now my alter ego, or Super Sunshine, the super hero I want to be. SS has GREAT ideas and spreads light everywhere! She is photography, teaching, art, EVERYTHING. She loves everyone and has no enemies. She prays for peace and tries to help others. SS tries to stay positive no matter what and spread positivity everywhere.
Of course Super Sunshine doesn't exist, but she tries to exist! She lives here in my dreams (and out there sometimes!) The truth of the matter is that my mom was MY SUNSHINE, my real life super hero! She protected me from harm and always made me see the light even in darkest times. When I'm in doubt, I channel my mother. I do what she would do. Thus, Super Sunshine is a combination of who she thought I was and who she actually was. 
Super Sunshine wants you to find your superhero too! She wants you to be happy! She wants to work WITH you to make the world a better place. Her mom would be proud of us. :)

Photographer Shadow
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