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Top Tips for Better Pics

1. Hold still. (A good tripod will help.)

2. I SAID HOLD STILL! (Tell the subject to hold still - literally.)

3. Find your focus. (Use your manual and find out how to set ONE focus point.)

4. Don't berate yourself too much. 

5. Copy auto settings when in doubt, but learn to shoot in manual mode.

6. Start with ISO first. 

7. Plan on cropping JUST A LITTLE.

8. Never rely on your camera. If you must use flash, bounce it 100% of the time. NEVER, use direct light from your flash. 

10. Focus on the eyes.

11. Raise the number on your aperture with the number of subjects.

12. Look at your images to check yourself.

13. Don't look at your images to check yourself too much.

14. Underexpose rather than overexpose.

15. Take a lot of photos but be willing to delete a lot as well.

16. Delete any photo not worthy of print! (Let it go! No one knows the photo exists.)

17. Try something new every single shoot.

18. Take pictures of stuff!

19. Pretend that your photos will be cropped to an 8x10 when you take them.

20. Invest in large computer monitor.

21. Calibrate your computer to ONE print lab with color correction OFF.

22. Don't cut your subject off at the arms/fingers or legs/feet. 

23. Make a list of your favorite tips, prioritize them and share. 

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